Day 17

September 23

Key Verse: We are responsible for the words we speak, and the thoughts that are prevalent in our hearts. God sees and knows everything. He is our Father, our strength, and our deliverer.

Prayer Point: Pray for those who suffer from the bondage of addictions.

Prayer: Dear Lord, prepare each of us as Christians, to examine our hearts and the words we speak. Help us to be worthy ambassadors for You as we reach out to others. Lord, humble us to walk in Your ways and to reflect the love You have for all humanity. Help us to honor You by taking our thoughts, words, and deeds captive to Your will; enable us to discard those that dishonor You and replace them with life, love, faith, and grace. Cleanse us and forgive us for anything that would stand in the way of salvation for those who do not know You. We long to please You, Lord, for all You have sacrificed for us on the cross. Grant us Your empowering presence to have harmony of heart, and may the words we speak be for Your sake. Amen.